Return to Forever ~ Scorpions

A Big’ol Thank You @Scorpions

Since 1982, you’ve been a part of my life! I appreciate your commitment to authentic creative energy and sharing your gift with the world.


A Fan




Spirit on a Mission ~ Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock

Looking East ~ Jackson Browne

Texas Chili and Basketball

Back in December 2014,  I purchased two Texas Longhorns Basketball tickets to three games-

12/20/2014, Long Beach State

1/17/2015, West Virginia

2/21/2015, Iowa State

Here’s a small sample of photo’s of what could become a tradition; a pre game meal at the Texas Chili Parlor followed by taking in a UT Basketball game.

Special thanks to John S, Brent H, and Sunny A who each accepted the invitation to attend a game with me.


Seven Turns ~ The Allman Brothers Band



The Game ~ Queen


Back in 1980, I was the band nerd that picked up on the main line in Another One Bites the Dust on saxophone and shared it with the 8th grade Concert Band during a daily warm-up.  More than a few kids gave me the look of approval as we shared ‘our new cool’ with the band leader.

That same school year, I also recall being out with friends (including the popular and attractive girls) at Pizza Hut on a Saturday night. We hit the jukebox, dropped quarters and loaded up the hits from this release by Queen.

Finally, by 8th grade I had already worked diligently to establish a Vinyl/8 Track music collection.  The Game and Jazz releases by Queen both received major listening attention from me as I endured being a teenager.

Fast forward three and one half decades to 2015.  Brian May and Queen are a permanent fixture in the Cool Kids Club of what I believe defines quality musicianship.

Slaves and Masters ~ Deep Purple

Slaves_and_Masters_Deep Purple







Fate of Nations ~ Robert Plant